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Half Set Rosewood Uillean Bagpipe

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CHANTER;The Rosewood Uilleann Chanter is designed to be played with the Practice Set, Half set & full set.
DRONES; Made of Rosewood in the key of D Comes with two sets of drone reeds.
STOCK; with a shut-off valve for drones.
Made of The Finest Seasoned Rosewood
Natural Rosewood Finish
Nickle Keys & Mounts
Uilleann Practice Chanter With 2 Reeds
Soft Carrying case
Black Bag Cover With Silver Fringe
Dual Leather Bellows, Padded Both Sides
Ready to play with a long-life, 100% air-tight SYNTHETIC Bag. Straight neck. Size: 28" X 11"
2. Reeds for Key Chanter